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The new Berkshire eSupply is a pioneer in technology and leader in the "industry 4.0" and the internet of things. We deliver the perfect blend of technology, talent, data and products to our reseller customers, further empowering you to sell more and be more profitable in less time. With Berkshire eSupply you can become a "connected distributor" and grow your business faster.

To increase profitability and cut costs, we offer many ways to get your business "Industry 4.0" Ready!


Deploying a VMI service helps cut overhead costs and provides accurate inventory. You’ll maintain full control of the ordering process, spending levels, and stock levels.

Benefits of our VMI Services include:
  • Reduce Time on Purchasing Process
  • Reduce Overhead Cost
  • Accurate Inventory
  • Increase Productivity
  • Identify & Organize Tooling
  • Set Stock Levels
  • Control Order Process & Spend Levels

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eCommerce is constantly changing, including the prices to maintain it. With a comprehensive website with full eCommerce capabilities, you’ll be ahead of the curve always.



Benefits of our Website Services include:
  • Your Logo & Details
  • Customizable Punch Out Catalog
  • Complete Online Catalog
  • Real-Time Inventory
  • Orders Go to You
  • & More!


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It’s hard to do it all alone. Berkshire eSupply can provide marketing services including generic and customized print and electronic collateral, which drive both orders and website traffic. We’ve been helping our customers grow through smart marketing for more than 30 years. We combine data, product selection, price and creativity.

We welcome you to review our innovative offering:

  • Customized, full-color, private label catalog
  • Quarterly, 64 page private label flyers
  • Vendor-focused direct mail flyers
  • Customized field sales support material
  • Print or PDF options enhance your professional selling experience


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We’re here to help you every step of the way with training programs and on-staff specialists.


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